Eddie Elias book by Jane Richardson

Meet the Author

Jane Richardson has had a full and varied career as a travel consultant, photographer, author, lecturer, and artist, in addition to being a wife and mother.

She has traveled 25 times through India since 1969, living with people in all walks of life, from village huts to palaces of north and south. Her background is obviously broad and varied. She has also designed tour packages and escorted numerous tour groups, some of one-month duration, with the added "job" of discussing family life, customs, religions, etc.

She is able to astutely "read" her fellow man. This made friends from "the poorest of the poor." to Prime Ministers, Presidents, and earned her a membership into the oldest royal family in the world.

Richardson's experiences are evident by her books' authentic details and excellent descriptions. The Deccan Chronicle wrote: "She is really interested in knowing and staying with ordinary people." The magazine "Andhra Pradesh" also wrote: "Mrs. Richardson is a shrewd reader of men and penetrating observer."

Richardson used these same skills interviewing over 270 freinds, family members and business associates to create Eddie's biography.

Known around the world for her well-researched books, Richardson has written for newspapers, has been a monthly feature writer for a bi-lingual magazine, is a world traveler, and has been widely interviewed on television and radio shows in the US and overseas.

Richardson's published works include:
  • Chief of the Chiefs: Louis Rooks Bruce — Mohawk/Sioux, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and Lobbyist, a biography of promiminent Commissioner of Indian Affairs, including many historical treasures
  • My PATCHwork Quilt: Pieces of the Past, more recollections of thge author's varied experiences
  • Eddie Elias: PBA Founder Merchandised Sports, Corporate, TV Worlds, a biography of founder of the Professional Bowlers Association, sports and entertainment agent, and entrepreneur Eddie Elias
  • Gilbert, a biography of her brother, Gilbert Patch
  • Steadfast the Lamp, a novel capturing the varied cultures of South India
  • Remember When, recollections from the author's childhood to the days of her great-grandchildren
  • Virgin Princess: an historic novel of Mewar (Udaipur, India) - the world's oldest dynasty, reveals Mewar's bizarre and enticing history
  • India: Tourist Mecca, a guidebook about the Indian subcontinent
  • Tender Hearts of India, a non-fiction cultural summary of north and south India
  • One chapter of Tender Hearts of India was included in an anthology of Rajasthan
  • Martha, a biography of her mother
  • A Linguist Never: One Family's Imoprobably Journey To and Through Europe recounts the family's planning, saving and eventually traveling though Europe
She has written twelve books, including four on India and has now added her fifth biography, that of the gregarious entrepreneur Eddie Elias.

Richardson lives in Stow, Ohio.